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Glenn Freeland

I have suffered with severe neck and back pain for 2 years. The pain was constant 7 days a week. I had been previously diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with arthritis. I just learned to live with the pain on a daily basis. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Formanek. Chiropractic care is amazing. My pain level is significantly decreased; an all of my mobility is improved. I feel so much better. I have been to other healthcare providers, and chiropractic care is the only one that benefited me to this degree. Dr. Formanek is very nice and knowledgeable.


Tina Clark

I have had problems on and off for years with my low back pain, but 5 days prior to seeing Dr. Formanek the pain became horrible. The pain was radiating down into my hip. I was able to do my normal activities but with severe pain. A friend recommended that I seek chiropractic care with Dr. Formanek. I am glad I did because now I can do all of my normal activities without being in pain. The doctor and the staff were very friendly and best of all they made my back pain go away


Erica McGill

I went to Dr. Formanek because of neck pain and stiffness. I am not sure what caused the pain. It just occurred. The mobility in my neck was very limited, and the pain was sharp with rotation. I was very uncomfortable, plus it was very difficult to lift items, drive a car, or anything that required motion of my head. I had heard great things about Dr. Formanek’s office. He thoroughly explained everything he was doing, and everyone in the office was very pleasant and friendly. With chiropractic treatment I feel 100% better; I have no pain, and have normal mobility of my neck.


Krestin Spriggs

I had immediate severe low back pain while cutting a tree down and trying to push it away from falling on a shed. The pain was constant and I couldn’t walk the rest of the day. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk to get relief. I had heard of Dr. Formanek over the years, and he was able to get me an immediate appointment for an exam.

After only 2 weeks of spinal adjustments my mobility is improved and I am pain free. I didn’t realize the low back discomfort I was living with, because now I feel better than before the injury. I truly thank the doctor and his staff for improving my quality of life. I appreciate the great care and professionalism of the entire staff. The doctor sat and listened to me! It’s nice to be heard. Thanks again!


Cheryl Six

I started having heel pain in June 2011. It was very painful standing and walking. I am a cashier and stand all day. I started raising my heel to compensate for the pain; this caused low back and hip pain.

A co-worker who had a heel spur and was helped by Dr. Formanek recommended me to his office.

After treatments with Dr. Formanek, my heel pain is greatly reduced. I am walking better and the low back and hip pain are gone.

Everyone in the office is very friendly and I am pleased with the results.